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Buriram Home Builders New Products

Buriram Home Builders discount and deliver large quantities of cost effective name brand house building materials including Lanko | Thai Pride | Kawasaki Lifting Equipment | Shera Wood | Super Champ | Magma.  

Buriram Home Builders recognize the value of using Lanko 110 


110 LANKOSKIM is a skim smoothing rendering powder to be mixed with water for repairing surface defects in concrete or render. A smooth surface is obtained by eliminating blemishes such as grooves, seams, fine cracks and rock pockets  USES in Buriram Home Building Construction include:
Interior and exterior walls and ceilings.
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Precast concrete panels
  • Traditional rendering
Buriram Ruangsangthai sells quality Lanko Building Products to more than just ordinary Buriram Home Builders. Ruangsangthai stocks and discounts building materials that COMMERCIAL building contractors might have in a Buriram Architects list of materials for a University Building | Hotel Construction | New Factory or other High Standard Building. This product is not often in an ordinary Buriram Province building materials list.  

Lanko 243 Lankofloor Hard

243 LANKOFLOOR HARD is a non-metallic floor hardener consisting of hard-wearing aggregate, cement and additives to provide a dense, non-porous surface for areas subjected to abrasion.  USES in Buriram include:
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial factories

 Buriram Home Builders Gypsum Supply discounts and delivers 25 kg bags of Super Champ Gypsum Jointing Compound | Magma Gypsum Jointing Compound to "Gypsum Ceiling Subcontractors" and ordinary Buriram House Builders.  

Buriram Home Builders order discounted Thai Pride Rendering Cement by the Pallet from RST Ruangsangthai to be delivered on a timely basis ANY day of the week to Buriram Home Building Construction Sites.

In Buriram Kawasaki CK Series Chain Block Manual Hoist is purchased by many types of Buriram Businesses from Ruangsangthai.  The Kawasaki Lifting Equipment Company is not connected with the Kawasaki Motorcycle Firm.  Kawasaki brand Chain Block | Hoist is an inexpensive item for a Buriram Auto and truck repair facility.   

Buriram Home Builders recognise the value to Buriram Home owners when they utilise Termite Resistant Shera Wood Cement Fiber Wood Products.  Shera Wood can be ordered at a discount in factory painted colours as shown in the two photos above.  Shera Strip is a decorative wood item for Door Trim, Window Trim, Floor Base Board, Ceiling Trim and other Buriram Home Builders specifications.  The Shera Eave is a quality Fiber Cement Wood product you should consider unless you want birds in your attic.  

Buriram Hardware Home Builders Supply has truck loads of genuine Shera Eave | Shera Strip | Shera Plank in stock for delivery 7 days a week to Buriram home building sites.  

Buriram PEA four story office building on Highway 2074 in Mueang Buriram is directly across the street from the display yard of Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai.  You can see Diamond Brand 18-8 Stainless Steel Water Tanks from 500 liters to 5000 liters in Buriram.  Free Delivery with minimum purchase is possible 7 days a week from Buriram Ruangsangthai.  Professional Installation of  Stainless Steel Water Tanks | Water Pumps is a daily event for the "Water Pump Specialists" Ruangsangthai.  

Buriram Water Pump Specialist Ruangsangthai has over 240 Luckystar LSC-251EA Deep Well Water Pumps in stock ready for immediate delivery.  Ruangsangthai in Buriram is the Water Pump Specialist who can install or repair your water pumps including Lucky-Star brand water pumps.  

Buriram Architects include Khun Him who has the office of "Design Station" on Thanon Thani Road in Mueang Buriram about one block from the Buriram Isuzu new Truck | Auto Dealership.  This licensed Buriram Architect can help you design a beautiful home in Buriram with a building materials list so you can compare Buriram Builders Merchants prices.  Dial 083-006-5769 to set up an appointment with this Buriram Architect.  With a "real house plan" done at "Buriram Prices" you can obtain an inexpensive, but IMPORTANT, "permit to build" and obtain "apples to apples" written price quotes from Thai or Expat home building contractors.  The house plans will be in Thai language for Government approval and the Thai building foreman will be able to read only Thai. Building a home in Buriram is a challenge, doing it without approved architect house plans is asking for more trouble than the insignificant cost of working with real architect plans.  The architects in Buriram might have an idea of which building contractors have pleased clients and which Buriram home Builders might not have fans.    

Buriram Safe Water Tanks sold at Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai come in many sizes and materials. This INEXPENSIVE 5000 liter blue water storage tank might suit your needs and budget in Buriram Province. The delivery and installation of such a large water tank might be better arranged by the staff of Ruangsangthai.  This 5000 liter water storage tank will not fit in the back of any pick up truck.    This blue water tank will last significantly longer if you are able to install "shade cover" over this tank.  

In the top photo a staff person of Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai stands by two 1500 Litre Advanced Tank fiberglass LLDPE Water Tanks.   In the photo directly above you can see WORK brand Septic Tank, Safe Brand Blue Water Storage Tank, Diamond Brand Evergreen LLDPE Water tank and a large 6000 litre black Safe Brand Septic Tank.  Delivery and Installation is available from Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai in Buriram Province | Surin Province | Maha Sarakham Province.  Sales | Deliveries | Installations available 7 days a week from Ruangsangthai.  

Buriram Hardware Store directly across Highway 2074 in Buriram from the Buriram PEA four story office discounts Advanced Tank Brand from 500 liters | 2000 liter Stainless Steel 18-8 Water Tank | 3000 liter Stainless Steel 18-8 Water Storage Tanks.  Ask about DELIVERY | INSTALLATION options for these stainless steel tanks which have a written guarantee and are backed by service from  Ruangsangthai the Buriram Water Pump Specialists

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