Saturday, 9 March 2013

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Buriram has several licensed Architects including the prominent "PONGPANICH DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION

Pongpanich Design & Construction has a spacious office on Highway 219 across the street from Buriram Rajabhat University 1/2 block from a round about at Jira Road very near the Buriram Court Building.  Telephone 044-601-667 to make an appointment to discuss your Buriram House Design Plans.  The owner quotes 120 baht per square meter to design a house, but I do not know if that includes the engineer fee.  This firm will build a home they design, but you do NOT need to hire Pongpanich Construction if you only desire professional house plans.   


Beauté Femmes said...

If you are looking for a recognized and responsible Buriram house design firm and/or Buriram House Builder it would be worthwhile to check with Pongpanich Design & Construction for prices and ideas. They have TONS of references in Buriram

Chiraz Souissi said...

This Buriram Architect did a very nice design for a Doctor's House on Hospital Soi in Satuk.