Saturday, 30 March 2013

Buriram Roma Pizza Restaurant | Buriram Roma Italian Restaurant & Bar

Buriram has several excellent Restaurants that serve "Farang" Food. The Buriram Pizza Restaurant only six minutes from Ruangsangthai Hardware store is Roma Italian Restaurant. TOP QUALITY prepared from scratch THIN CRUST Pizza, fresh Pasta prepared six mornings a week by the Italian chef Mossimo and prices that reflect an independent restaurant without high overhead.
  Roma Pizza Restaurant is an ideal stop for a cold beverage and hot meal prior to shopping at Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai.

Buriram Roma Pizza Pasta Italian Restaurant opens at 11a.m. and closes at 10p.m. 6 days a week. Open Tuesday through Sunday with FRESH | made from scratch THIN CRUST PIZZA | Pasta 6 mornings each week. NO FROZEN FOOD. Limited Thai food menu. Indoor seating with fans | outdoor seating under shade. Italian food can be ordered for "Take Away". A great place to relax | enjoy an Italian meal with a beverage while the family is stuck at the Buriram Ekachon Private Hospital or the Buriram Public Hospital. Telephone 044-602-119. Only 6 minutes from Buriram Ruangsangthai on Highway 2074 also known as the Buriram - Phutthaisong Road. 

Roma Pizza in Buriram is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm. Full Bar | Local Thai and some Imported German Beers | Thin Crust Hand made from scratch Pizza | Fresh Pasta Daily | NO FROZEN FOOD | Indoor seating | outdoor covered seating | reasonable prices on both Italian Food & Beverages. Limited Thai food selection. Table service and "take away" food orders. Full liquor bar service at reasonable prices, NOT Phuket prices. 

Buriram Roma Pizza  Restaurant Sign on the Restaurant Building if you were driving away from the Buriram Public Hospital on "Highway 2151" going towards Highway 2074. One block from Buriram Pizza Restaurant is the Buriram Private Ekachon Hospital around the corner on highway 2074. Highway 2074 is also known as the Buriram-Putthaisong Road. Buriram Roma Pizza is open from 11am to 10pm 6 days a week. Buriram Roma Pizza Pasta Italian Restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday. Chef Mossimo is a native of Roma, Italy. Telephone 044-602-119.

Buriram Roma Pizza Pasta Italian Restaurant & Bar sign in English. Open 6 days a week Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 10p.m. telephone 044-602-119. THIN CRUST Pizza prepared from scratch each day.
Pasta prepared from scratch each morning | NO FROZEN FOOD | Full Liquor Bar | Decent selection of Thai Beers | Limited selection of German Beers | all at very reasonable prices. Food can be ordered for "Take-Away". Chef Mossimo is a native of Roma, Italy. The owner "Dtong" is a native of Buriram who has outstanding English language skills.

Buriram Roma Pizza Italian Restaurant | Local Thai Beers | Selected German Imported Beers | Open 6 days a week | closed on Monday. All Italian Food prepared from scratch daily | Chef Mossimo is a native of Roma, Italy. His Thai wife "Dtong" is a Buriram native with excellent English language skills. Indoor & Outdoor seating | Food also can be ordered for "Take Away". Very near the Buriram Private Ekachon Hospital around the corner on the same two lane street that you take to the Buriram Provincial Government Hospital. 044-602-119. THIN crust Pizza, Pasta prepared each morning. A great Italian Restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal prior to driving 6 minutes down the Buriram-Putthaisong Road also known as Highway 2074 to Buriram Water Pump Specialists Ruangsangthai Hardware Store.


David Dimoez said...

Mossimo and his wife run the best Pizza Restaurant in Buriram. Excellent thin crust made from scratch Pizza, a real treat in Buriram Province for the price.

Beauté Femmes said...

Delicious Pizza and outstanding huge portions of handmade fresh Lasagna served at this inexpensive Buriram Pizza Restaurant.