Sunday, 17 February 2013

Buriram Submersible Well Pumps | Buriram Land Pumps

Buriram Submersible Deep Well Pumps | Buriram Shallow Well Submersible Well Pumps | Buriram Land Pumps | February 2013 at Ruangsangthai

Buriram Home Builder Water Pump Specialist has on Display an interesting selection of Grundfos Deep Well Submersible Water Pumps | Mercury Deep Well Submersible Water Pumps and Electric Concrete Vibrators which seem to all fit in the Grundfos Free Standing Submersible Well Display.  There is a much wider selection of Grundfos Submersible Pumps and Mercury Submersible Pumps on the Water Pump isle of Buriram Home Builder Water Pump Specialist.

Buriram Tools | Ruangsangthai is located on Highway 2074 directly across the street from the four story PEA Office Building, just five minutes from the Buriram Ekachon Private Hospital.   Dial 044-666-484 and press "0" for English.  

Buriram Ruangsangthai is the #1 Buriram Province Water Pump Specialist.  In 2012 Ruangsangthai sold over 600 Luckystar Water Pumps. In February 2013 they have over 100 Luckystar LSC-251EA Deep Well Pump in stock available for Delivery and/or Installation 7 days a week.  

Buriram Water Pump Specialist Ruangsangthai has over 1000 Mitsubishi Electric Water Pumps in Stock at the Buriram Hardware Store on Highway 2074.  The MITSUBISHI MCL-2205FT  is a 3HP Land Pump and part of the Mitsubishi Super Pump line of quality Water Pumps.  Ruangsangthai is an authorized repair station for Mitsubishi Water Pumps and is the only shop in Buriram to offer a "free loaner water pump" if the pump you purchase and have installed by Ruangsangthai must be removed for in the store repairs.  The trained Water Pump Specialist Service team of Ruangsangthai will come to your home with a suitable water pump, remove your existing water pump, install the "loaner water pump" get your pump fixed back at the store if an "on site repair' is not possible, and then return and swap out the pumps so your fixed pump is back and tested at your location.  This way you never will miss the use of a suitable water pump.  Not just the lowest prices on Genuine Mitsubishi Water Pumps, but the BEST repair service | customer service policy in Buriram Province. 

 Buriram Home Builder discounts | Delivers | Installs several hundred Mitsubishi Land Pump | Mitsubishi Super Pumps | 2" by 2" Water Pumps each year. 

 Buriram Home Builder Water Pump Specialist has over 1000 Mitsubishi Water Pumps and Mitsubishi Electric Motors on the steel shelves of Ruangsangthai in Buriram available for immediate Delivery and Installation 7 days a week.  Genuine Spare Parts and Authorized Mitsubishi Water Pump Repairs and Authorized Mitsubishi Electric Motor Repairs are available in the warranty period and after the warranty has expired at Ruangsangthai.  

Buriram Home Builder offers the lowest prices on Hitachi Water Pumps | Hitachi Inverter Water Pumps | Luckystar Water Pumps with delivery and Installation available 7 days a week.  

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Patrick Solly said...

There are hundreds if not thousands of Hitachi and Lucky Star Water Pumps inside this Buriram Hardware Store