Saturday, 16 February 2013

Buriram Home Builder February 2013 Photos

Buriram Home Builder Hardware Store  | Builders        Merchants February 2013 Photos

Buriram Hardware Store discounts Lanko 603 POLYURETHANE a single-component Polyurethane sealant |  Easy application on most materials : concrete, stone, brick, roof-tiles, ceramic tiles, aluminium, wood, glass, PVC.  Uses for Lanko 603 include:

  • Heavy and light prefabricated constructions, traditional masonry.
  • Expansion joints in concrete structures.
  • Bridging joints between prefabricated elements.
  • Sealing joints in facades, boards, siding, metal constructions.
  • Sealing joints and weatherstripping in woodwork and aluminium.
  • Sealing roof-tiles and ceramic tiles.

Buriram Home Builder | Buriram Hardware Store discounts Lanko 322 LANKOPROOF a liquid waterproofer and plasticiser to be mixed with gauging water to improve the waterproofing properties of concrete and mortar by reducing water/cement ratio.
Uses Include: structure of "wet bathrooms", swimming pools, reservoirs, water tanks, roofs, walls and floors.
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Rendering mortar
Buriram Hardware Store discounts genuine Lanko 751  LANKOLATEX  a synthetic resin emulsion which significantly improves the performance of mortar and concrete. Uses:
  • Cement-based coats or lime plaster finishes
  • Waterproof coats for reservoirs, water storage tanks and swimming pools.
  • Bonding and waterproofing of plaster coats
  • Cast cement screed, without need for pricking-up
  • Admixed screed for tile floors
  • Rendering and reshaping mortar
  • Bridging mortar for construction joints
  • Mortar for laying prefabricated elements
  • Pointing and caulking mortar for a variety of joints - masonry, flashing
  • Repairs to concrete flooring
Buriram Home Builders often use Lanko 107  LANKOPUTTY  a top quality acrylic putty, used to fill or patch cracks, nail holes, grooves, seams, air bubbles, rock pockets in various surfaces. Its ready to use formula spreads easily for fast repairs that will not crack, crumble or flake.  Best to sand the repaired wall once the Lanko 107 dries, prior to primer painting.                       
Exterior or Interior Uses on:
  • Brick, concrete block, lightweight concrete or light weight Q-Con Autoclaved Areated Concrete blocks
  • Traditional Rendering
  • Ordinary Concrete 
Inside the Buriram Hardware Store is a small display of Q-Con Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Light Weight Home Building Blocks next to traditional Red Clay Bricks.  Outside the Buriram Home Builder Contractor Supply Store are pallet loads of various Q-Con Blocks and Red Bricks in different sizes available for Delivery 7 days a Week.  DAVCO Products including Lanko and Super Champ Mortar Mix for various Buriram Home Building Applications are discounted and delivered by Ruangsangthai.  All Davco Home Building products and Lanko Home Building Products have printed labels in the Thai Language and English Language.  

For Buriram Termite & Pest Control including Killing Powder Post Beetles | Ants | Termites the best Buriram Home Builder option and Buriram Home Owner D.I.Y. method of Termite Control | Pest Control is Chaindrite Stedfast 30 SC TERMITICIDE.  Buriram Hardware discounts various HM-HDPE container sizes of Chaindrite Termite Control. The Termiticide in the above actual Ruangsangthai store photo is to be diluted 60 folds to Kill Termites.  3M N95 Safety Masks might be a wise purchase for the D.I.Y. Termite Control in Buriram Province.  

Buriram Farm Supply | Buriram Ruangsangthai discounts Buriram Rice Farming Diesel Engines including Kojima Diesel Engine.  Ruangsangthai is an authorized Repair Service Center under the 2 year Warranty period of Kojima Diesel Engine as well as doing non warranty Engine repairs 7 days a week inside the Highway 2074 Ruangsangthai Hardware Store across from the Buriram PEA Electric Office Building.  


Juliette Jumas said...

The family had a termite problem but this store had the cheapest real Chaindrite termite treatment in Buriram province.

Noura Kchaw said...

The Lanko 107 Wall acrylic fixed the cracks in the brick walls of the house in Bua Thong. Cheaper than Buriram Home Pro at this shop.