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Buriram Concrete Delivery | Buriram Concrete Batching Plant | Buriram Concrete Ready Mix Truck

In Buriram, Thailand concrete is a crucial house building material. There are several reputable companies that Buriram Home Builders can order truck loads of Ready Mix by the cubic meter in the five  standard Compressive Strength of the concrete mix.  Each of these reputable Buriram Province Concrete suppliers have a slump test on each delivery truck.  In Buriram CPAC from Siam Cement is the most famous supplier of concrete for house building, concrete driveways,  and other construction projects. KAP Concrete is another family owned concrete supplier in Buriram with a modern concrete batching plant.  Currently Ruangsangthai is installing a computer controlled concrete batching plant on the Buriram - Phutthaisong Highway 2074 with the help of R S Construction of Buriram. This modern state of the art concrete batching plant will enable the thee ready mix delivery trucks owned and operated by Ruangsangthai to deliver concrete in parts of Buriram Province to the highest standards, proper mix and lowest prices per delivered cubic meter.  You can see this new Buriram Concrete Batching Plant directly behind the Ruangsangthai Hardware Store house building materials storage yard. 

In Buriram Thailand the proper concrete mix and proper concrete strength with the recommended concrete additives with insure your house building project is built on a solid foundation.  The large yellow 35 ton crane is from the R.S. Construction Company of BuriramOne of the most important factors before ordering ready mix concrete is knowing what will be the required compressive strength. Typically reinforced concrete ranging between 3,500 to 4,000 psi is used on footing and slabs on grade; between 3,500 to 5,000 psi on suspended slabs, beams and girders; walls and columns normally required between 3,000 to 5,000 psi. When non-reinforced concrete is used then different strengths will be required. If you are using it on footings and walls a concrete strength of 2,500 psi could be enough, and between 4,000 to 5,000 for pavements. Outdoor concrete used on home improvements should be ordered with a strength ranging between 3,500 to 4,500 psi.

On the left are the Buriram Construction workers installing the brand new cement storage tanks provided by the Thai Pride Cement Company which was started by the Thai Italian Construction firm. 
The brown control structure is where the computer that insures the proper mixture and strength of concrete is poured into the ready mix concrete delivery trucks of Buriram Ruangsangthai House Building Supplies.  The maximum coarse aggregate must also be specified when ordering ready mix concrete. If you use larger coarse aggregate in a cross section where the steel ratio is high, then you should be creating a bug hole problem. The maximum size coarse aggregate ordered must be determined by the American Concrete Institute Standard (ACI) and depends on the spacing of rebar steel or reinforcing steel inside form dimensions and available aggregates. Maximum aggregate shall not exceed 1/5 the narrowest inside form dimension and shall not be greater than ¾ the spacing between re-bars.  Your Buriram house building contractor or you can meet in person with Pichai Ruangsuksriwong the owner of Ruangsangthai and discuss in Thai language or English language the best concrete mixes for all aspects of your Buriram Home Building project.  Selecting the correct concrete for delivery in Buriram province is a science with actual numbers to guide you, and need not be a matter of luck or poor translations and frustration.  There are enough chances for frustration for an expat involved in building a house in Thailand so why not eliminate the chance of an error on concrete delivery in Buriram.  

The Blue crane on the right side of this photo is owned and operated in Buriram province by Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants. It is often used to deliver very large steel structures, pipes, well drilling rigs, and other house building items in hard to reach areas. It is often used in delivering buckets of concrete to 2nd and 3rd floor concrete pour aspects of building construction in Buriram. The proper grade stones, gravel, aggregate and sand for industry standard concrete mixes will be stored on concrete pads currently being installed in Buriram at the rear of Ruangsangthai Hardware Store on Highway 2074.  Dial 044 - 666 - 484 and press "O" for assistance in English. 

These two employees of Ruangsangthai House Building materials Supply in Buriram, Thailand pose for a photo in front of the third concrete ready mix delivery truck in the small fleet of five cubic meter concrete delivery trucks based in Buriram.   Ruangsangthai Hardware is able to offer the lowest cost of exact grade ready mix concrete, with a proper documentation on each concrete delivery and a slump test at your Buriram House Building site due in part to buying and maintaining in house the 2nd hand delivery trucks.  The quality of the concrete and total delivery price you pay is far more important that seeing a shiny brand new Mercedes or Hino or UD Quester or IVECO truck in Buriram for any sensible and cost conscious Buriram home builder.  

In Buriram Slump Tests are applicable for concrete with slumps greater than 1/2 inch and less than 9 inches. Once the concrete sample has been remixed, start taking the slump tests within 5 minutes. Start by filling a mold 12 inches high in the shape of the frustum of a cone that is 8 inches in diameter at the bottom and 4 inches in diameter at the top. Fill the mold in three equal layers by volume, not by height. Rod each layer 25 times with a bullet-tipped 5/8-inch diameter rod to compact each layer. After filling and rodding, raise the cone to allow the concrete to subside. The distance the concrete subsides, or slumps, is based on its consistency. 

The Marton Concrete Mixers are now discounted | delivered | serviced and repaired by Ruangsangthai construction supply in Buriram, Thailand. This brand of job site portable concrete mixer is often compared to Sun Brand and Baton concrete job site portable mixers in Thailand. You pay one discounted price for the one or two bag portable concrete mixer and another price for your choice of motor. Ruangsangthai then installs the motor and belts and controls and tests the total portable concrete mixer prior to delivery.  Ruangsangthai provides in warranty repair service for Marton Concrete Mixers, Baton job site Concrete Mixers and Sun Portable Concrete Mixers on Buriram - Phuthaisong Highway 2074 in Buriram, Thailand. Often a Mitsubishi Electric Motor is the cost effective choice to power a portable concrete mixer in Buriram province. However where electricity is not yet available a Kwai Thong | Kuboto | Yanmar | Honda petrol engine is given as an option by Ruangsangthai Hardware in Buriram.   

Just beyond the wall of the Buriram Tools Repair Service Department at Ruangsangthai Hardware is the work space for proper new construction tool modification or set up.  The Mitsubishi Electric Motor which is made in Thailand is being installed by a trained technician onto a Marton portable Concrete Mixer in this photo.  The belts to drive the cast iron drum are not yet installed. The technical team of Ruangsangthai Home Builder Supply in Buriram will test this machine to make sure it is safe and works properly prior to delivery to a Buriram House Building site. 

The experienced repair technician on the right is installing the drive belts on this brand new Marton portable Concrete Mixer inside Ruangsangthai Home Building Supply Depot in Buriram, Thailand. Ruangsangthai stocks hundreds of quality Mitsubishi Electric motors, both single phase and three phase, for installation on house building construction equipment in Buriram Thailand. Ruangsangthai stocks and sells more Mitsubishi Electric motors than ANY other dealer in Buriram. The warranty policy and spare parts availability make Mitsubishi the sensible cost effective brand of electric motor when dependability and long term use is the customer goal. A cheap, Chinese made motor will use more electricity, not be made to the Japanese design standards of Mitsubishi and cause you delays and grief if it breaks. Mitsubishi Electric Motors are made to strict Japanese quality at a modern factory in Thailand. The Mitsubishi Electric Motors discounted by Ruangsangthai can hold up to the voltage fluxuations present on many temporary building site electric connections when building a house in Buriram,Thailand. 


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