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Buriram Boonsiri Home Housing Estate | Buriram quality house construction

In Buriram, Thailand a prominent locally owned very reputable housing estate and shop house builder | developer is known as Boonsiri Home.  This well established family has a sterling reputation with house building materials suppliers in Buriram Province. To be a home building materials supplier to a Boonsiri Shop House or Boonsiri Home Development you must demonstrate low prices and dependable delivery of the right specifications. If you want to avoid the pitfalls and headache of building your home in Buriram Thailand it would be worth your time to visit the house building site on Highway 226 of the Boonsiri Grand Home Housing estate.  The construction materials are of a top grade and genuine value. This Biriram house building firm does not have the high overhead and excessive margins of a Bangkok House Construction firm.  This family has several different locations of ready built homes, or homes under construction, in and near Buriram. 

The wall signs of Boonsiri Homes shows what the completed smaller two story house in Buriram on Highway 226 will appear. Not sure those families with both a Mercedes and an Audi would live in this moderately priced Boonsiri Grand Home housing estate in Buriram Province. The sales staff will provide a sales brochure, facebook page address, and give you a personal tour of the houses under construction. Pricing seems transparent and was listed on an easy to understand sheet. 

There is no shortage of two or three story "Shop houses" in Buriram. However the location on Highway 226 and the fact that Boonsiri homes is using thermal efficient Q-CON autoclaved aerated light weight concrete wall blocks could make this Buriram shop house worth consideration. 

You can visit the Boon Siri Home shop Houses on Highway 226 across the street from the location of the Buriram Global House to see the house building materials actually used in the quality construction of the Boon Siri Grand Home. 

In Buriram province, Boonsiri Grand Homes housing estate has modern construction equipment and sensible top grade house building materials. The construction site is well managed, clean and you can tour the actual site to see the quality house building materials and proper construction procedures of Boonsiri Grand Home Estates in Buriram, Thailand

The Buriram Family owned house construction firm Boonsiri Homes has hired talented architects to design sensible, yet attractive houses you can buy on Highway 226 in Buriram, Thailand. The Boonsiri Grand Home subdivision of proper built houses is near the Buriram I.Q. House Modern Trade Merchants.

If you visit the Boonsiri Grand Home house construction site on Highway 226 in Buriram Thailand you can observe how long the wooden forms are left in place so the concrete lintels can cure. You can see the thermal efficient Q-CON AAC autoclaved aerated concrete wall blocks set up to the C channel steel of the roof structure. The quality of this house building is top notch for Buriram Province house buyers. 

The concrete curing times, wrapping upright house building columns, leaving the horizontal support frames in place will be obvious at the house building site in Buriram Thailand of Boonsiri Grand Home.  This Buriram House Building contractor | Housing estate developer has years of experience in pleasing both Thai citizen house buyers and expats who wish to own a well constructed home at a fair price in a part of Buriram that does not flood.  

The houses of Boonsiri Grand Home on Highway 226 in Buriram, Thailand are topped by cement roof tiles of the Shera brand division of Mahaphant Fiber Cement. People often refer to these quality roof tiles as CPAC Roof tiles, when in fact there are different brands that sell identical specs of the cement roof tiles in Thailand, often at different prices.  Diamond Tile Cement Roof tiles are another popular competitive priced brand of cement roof tiles sold in Buriram Province. 

Q-Con AAC lightweight autoclaved aerated blocks of 7.5 thickness were selected for both the Buriram House and the Buriram Shop House construction at Boonsiri Grand Home under construction on Highway 226 across from the new Global House in Buriram

The brown cement roof tiles manufactured by Mahaphant Fibre Cement are branded as Shera Roof Tiles.  These quality roof tiles will be installed on the C Steel of the Boonsiri Grand Home Development single family houses on Highway 226 in Buriram, Thailand. 

These blue and aqua thinner cement fiber sheets of roof tile will be installed on the two story shop house fronting Highway 226 in Buriram Thailand being built by the Boonsiri Home developer.  This family owned firm selects quality house building materials for both single family houses and commercial shop houses in Buriram from reputable builders merchants

In Buriram, Thailand at the house building site of Boonsiri Grand Home Housing Estates subdivision located on Highway 226 you will see the house building construction workers operating a hickey rebar bender and coating C Channel Steel with zinc rust proofing coatings. The rebar steel can be plain, stainless steel, zinc coated, epoxy coated and up to ASTM standards depending on the use in Buriram.  Quality Reinforcing bar steel, properly sized and up to exact specifications is crucial to a reputable house building contractor as Boonsiri Home. The steel in the above photo is but one of the many house building materials supplied by Ruangsangthai Hardware to the Boonsiri Grand Home construction project. Please visit Boonsiri Grand Homes to see a value priced housing estate using high quality house building materials and legitimate house building procedures. 

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