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Buriram Q-Con Autoclaved Lightweight Blocks | K-Block Cement Lightweight Blocks | Italian Thai Cement Delivery

Buriram Home Builders Construction Materials Depot stocks | Discounts | Delivers quality Q-Con Brand Autoclaved Lightweight AAC Blocks and K-Block Concrete Blocks.  Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai also sells traditional red clay bricks and typical cement blocks.  Serious discounts for truckload quantities of any of these blocks for S.I.Y. Buriram House Builders or Buriram Building Contractors. Discounts on the mortar materials, including quality LANKO products and steel of all sizes to build commercial buildings and Buriram houses.

Buriram Builders Merchants is the High volume Discount Home Building Materials Depot dealer in Buriram Province for quality STRONG cement blocks called K-Blocks. These proven technology blocks are far stronger and far more soundproof than normal Cement blocks in Buriram Province, Thailand. K Block has higher performance and is more durable than brick, yet is finished in less time and costs no more than the alternatives. And since general labor is all that’s needed for installation, and with far fewer problems to address due to its ease of use, you lower your house building costs with K Block. Though it uses the same basic installation method as brick, they (bricks) can be installed at about 5-10 m2 per team per day, in comparison to K Block at about 20-25m2 per day. That’s 2 to 5 times faster!
K Block has the same or lower cost per m2 as bricks and AAC blocks requiring not only a more skilled workforce, but also requiring special material needs. Discover how when you project is made using K Block Technology you save significantly twice with K Blocks over the competing options. K Block is 150% longer than normal blocks, allowing rapid installation. The K Block dimensions are 20cm high x 60cm long and come in various thicknesses: 7cm, 9cm, 14cm, and 18cm. At Ruangsangthai you can order K Blocks by the pallet or truckload all thicknesses, at discount prices. Simple to install, with K Block you have no worries about finding the special mortar and plaster necessary with AAC products, since the product uses normal mortar and plaster. See and compare K blocks to AAC block, red bricks and normal cement blocks at Buriram Ruangsangthai.

At Buriram Builders Merchants you can compare the advantages, specifications and delivered prices of many Buriram House building materials including Q-Con AAC Lightweight Blocks and K Block concrete blocks. Both modern building materials are discounted, especially for house building larger purchases. Factory Direct delivery is available in Buriram Province, Surin Province, Maha Sarakham Province for Q-Con Blocks and K Block lightweight House building blocks. Though K Block uses the same basic installation method as brick, they (bricks) can be installed at about 5-10 Square Meters per team per day, in comparison to K Block at about 20-25m2 per day. That’s 2 to 5 times faster than red bricks. Similar build times apply with genuine Q-Con Autoclaved AAC blocks.  Q-CON is 2-3 times lighter than solid clay brick and 4-5 times lighter than normal concrete. Without losing any strength, the total mass of your foundation can considerably reduced, as the weight of the building is so much less. It will obviously help you reduce your construction costs.The above photo was shot in July 2013 at the rear of the Home Builders Depot Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai on Highway 2074 directly across from the Buriram PEA four story office building.

Buriram Home Builders Merchant Supply Ruangsangthai stocks Q-Con Autoclaved AAC blocks. Discount Prices on this proven technology of energy saving House Building blocks make Ruangsangthai the Home Builders supply Depot on Highway 2074 in Buriram, Thailand. Special discounts on truck load deliveries direct from the manufacturing plant of Q-Con for a Buriram House building project can be arranged 7 days a week at Ruangsangthai Hardware Store. Q-CON is 4-8 times more energy-efficient than solid clay brick. It will reduce the transference of heat from the outside to the inside of buildings and houses. Your air conditioner will run less often. You will save up to 30% on your electric bill. Q-CON has precise dimensions, helping the builders produce nice smooth finishes. It comes with many sizes that you can choose to fit in your Buriram House Building projects. Q-CON is easy to use. There is no skill require to do such works. Buriram construction workers can easily cut, saw, plane, drill, and chase for the placement of electrical lines and water pipes by using conventional working tools.

Lanko 701. Buriram Hardware Store is the Buriram Home Builders Depot Supply Center for Lanko House Construction Products. Lanko 701 CLAVEX is a premixed cementitious non-shrink, high strength developing Grout. In Buriram House builders use Lanko 701 for quality bedding of industrial equipment, rebar steel, anchor bolts.Assembling of precast panels, grip-filling.
Bearing casting of heavy machinery, column, crane rails.
Often in Buriram Province, Thailand Repairing of concrete structures are done with Lanko 701. Ruangsangthai has instructions of Lanko products in Thai Language and the English Language. 

Buriram House Builders buy Re-bar steel and other construction steel used in Buriram Home Building from Ruangsangthai. All steel sold by Ruangsangthai has markings indicating the size so you can be assured the proper steel is used in your Buriram House Building Project. Delivery 7 days a week in Buriram Province for Steel is crucial for the progress of Buriram Home Building. Walk around the steel warehouse and view the steel beams, re-bar, structural steel, metal pipes and other crucial Buriram House Building materials. The Ruangsangthai Invoice will be easy to read so the steel matches the house plans and what is on the Buriram Hardware Delivery truck.

Buriram Ruangsangthai has two Ready Mix type Concrete Delivery Trucks. The concrete is mixed at the Buriram Concrete Batching Plant behind the Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai. You get proper paperwork and a slump test with each load of concrete delivered near Buriram from Ruangsangthai Hardware Store.  Concrete Delivery trucks are only sent to Buriram House Building sites within 45 minutes of the Buriram Batching plant to insure you receive proper concrete. 
Come in for a written price on the amount of quality TPCC (Lion) Thai Pride Cement Company concrete you wish and compare the price to CPAC Concrete for delivery in and near Buriram. TPCC Cement is the brand owned and used by Italian - Thai Development and Construction Public Company Limited. 

Ruangsangthai Hardware Store is the highest volume dealer of Home Building Materials Depot in Buriram Province. The white bags have water filter materials for Buriram Village and Municipal Water Filtering Systems. 

The Green Bags on pallets inside Ruangsangthai are Green Rajasri Brand cement is mixed cement produced to meet the requirements of Thai Industrial Standard TIS 80-2550.Green Rajasri Brand cement is designed for masonry and plastering works, with smooth and adhesive
feature, setting in the proper time, and reduces mortar shrinkage. It can be conveniently used and is
suitable for delicate works as required. Moreover, Green Rajasri Brand cement can be also mixed with
sand, rock, and water to make concrete for general construction works that are not required high
compressive strength such as cement blocks, water pipe, and small Buriram Village structural works.

The Red Cement bags on this Buriram Hardware Store Delivery Truck are Thai Pride Cement Company Red Rajasri is the Ordinary Portland Cement Type 1. Its specification conforms to the Thai Industrial Standard for Mixed Cement TIS 15 Books 1-2547 TYPE 1 which is equivalent to the standard ASTM C 150-04 TYPE I of the United States.
Red Rajasri Brand cement is used for concrete production by blending it with sand, stones, and water
according to required mixture ratio for construction works. Concrete made from Red Rajasri Brand
cement can be used in high compressive strength works such as buildings, roads, bridges, and dam.
Besides, Red Rajasri Brand cement is also suitable for precast and pre-stressed product manufacturing
such as solid planks, reinforce concrete drainage pipes, and concrete tiles.  


Annonces Gratuites said...

Delivered the steel and concrete bags to Song Hong the next day after we placed the order.

Juliette Jumas said...

I shopped around Buriram and wrote down prices for steel and cement to get a fence built Nong Tat. This store penciled out best

Patrick Solly said...

The owner of this Buriram Home Center worked out a drop ship from the Q-Con plant to our project in Nong Yai that saved me real baht on these energy saving house building blocks.

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