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Buriram Power Tool Repairs | Buriram Garden Tools | Solo Hand Tools | Buriram Chain Saw Repairs

Buriram, Thailand Home Tool Depot Ruangsangthai Hardware Store discounts and repairs Lawn Mowers | Grass Cutters | smaller Farm Equipment | Water Pumps | Power Tools | Gasoline Chain Saws | Electric Chain Saws and selected Hand Tools from reputable manufacturers who have spare parts in Thailand for prompt professional repairs including Bosch | DeWALT | Grundfos | Ebara Pump | Hitachi | Honda Power | Kwai Thong | Makita | Maktec | Stihl Chain Saws | Stanley Tools and Solo Hand Tools.

Buriram Home Garden Tools Supply Depot Ruangsangthai DISCOUNTS Garden Tools including Solo Brand and Solex Brand Pruning Saws | Rubber tree Tapper | Grass Clippers | Hedge Trimmers | Garden Shears and Lawn Sprinklers. No Restoration Hardware Prices only discount prices on garden tools that will last in Buriram Province, Thailand. Craftsman Hand Tools came with a lifetime replacement warranty, but no such hand tool warranty will exist in Buriram. Open 7 days a week from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Buriram Garden Tools Depot discounts Solo Brand and Pumpkin Brand Prunning Saws. Buriram Ruangsangthai discounts several different quality level and price ranges of Pruning Saws. Buriram Hardware Store discounts Hand Saws, Imported Saws, Garden Tools and Hand Tools. Located on Highway 2074 directly across the street from the Buriram PEA four story office building.

Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai discounts all levels of saws. This photo shows some of the less expensive Hand Band Saws often purchased by Buriram Home Builders and Buriram Village House Builders. Ruangsangthai stocks all lengths of replacement blades for Hand Saws in Buriram, Thailand.

Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai is the Home Garden Tools Depot of Buriram Province. Wide selection of quality, yet very affordable SOLO Brand hand tools for Buriram Gardens and Buriram expat workshops. Discount Prices in Buriram on Compound Action Bypass Lopper, Power Gear Bypass Looper - 31 inch handle, Hedge Shears, pruning shears, Bypass Pruner and Hatchets. Rubber Tree Farming supplies for Buriram Province are just one of the major selling items at Ruangsangthai Hardware Store. Solo Hand Tools are worth comparing to Craftsman Hand Tools other than the higher price and former warranty.

Buriram Garden Center Tool Supply Ruangsangthai discounts quality SOLO Brand Professional tree pruner with a 1.25" cutting capacity.
Attachable 13" razor-tooth pruning saw blade cuts twice as fast as a conventional blade
Lightweight, reinforced bamboo pole extends to any length. Other Solo Tree Pruner tools feature the blade itself which is non-stick, 12" cast aluminum.
Most pole pruners work on some type of rope and pulley system. You don’t actually have to move the pole. Solo Lightweight, strong, zinc-alloy pruning head has a bypass cutting action for the cleanest branch cutting. Attachable 15" saw blade for larger branches found in Buriram Province. See the full line of Farming Tools and Garden Tools at Buriram Ruangsangthai. Dial 044-666-484 and press "O" for assistance in English.

Buriram Hardware Store Ruangsangthai is an authorized service center for many brands of water pumps and power tools including Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Grundfos, Franklin Electric, Stanley, Honda Power, Kwai Thong, Bosch, DeWALT, Makita, Maktec but not Stihl chain saws. The gasoline chain saw in this photo was NOT purchased at Ruangsangthia in Buriram, since it is a copy of a genuine Stihl Chain Saw . This photo is of the tools and pumps in the service center PRIOR to repairs by the technicians of Buriram Ruangsangthai. Ruangsangthai will only sell name brand GENUINE tools and genuine water pumps, but does repair all manner of tools and water pumps. Ruangsangthai will only use genuine OEM parts and never copy parts in any of the guaranteed repairs at your home or at either of the Buriram Hardware Store locations. 

Just a fraction of the spare parts in stock at Buriram Hardware Store. Buriram, Thailand Home Builders Tool Depot is the #1 Buriram, Thailand power tool repair facility and #1 water pump repair shop in Buriram Province. Certain parts are kept in locked cases, other parts are in stock directly above the office of Buriram Builders Merchants. Makita and Maktec Tools are two of the many tool manufacturers which granted Ruangsangthai the authorization to perform and be reimbursed for warranty repairs. For repairs on Bosch | DeWALT | Grundfos | Hitachi | Honda | Mitsubishi | Makita | Maktec | Stanley | Puma Power Tools and water pumps your best option both in and out of warranty is Buriram Ruangsangthai located on Highway 2074 directly across the street from the Buriram PEA four story office building.

Buriram Swimming Pools are often built and installed by local Buriram House Builders. Ruangsangthai provides inexpensive swimming pool pumps and swimming pool filters for Buriram House Building Contractors and Buriram Expat D.I.Y. swimming pool builders. Ruangsangthai plumbers can install swimming pool filters and swimming pool pumps in Buriram province. All Swimming Pool Pumps have a written warranty backed by the parts and service team of Buriram Ruangsangthai. Ruangsangthai is the #1 source of discounted swimming pool chemicals in Buriram Province.

Buriram Steel Scaffolding is sold in complete sets by Buriram Ruangsangthai House Builders Supply on Highway 2074. These better grade steel scaffolding sets are very popular with Buriram Home Builders and Buriram expats who value worker safety. Discounts for purchasing 10 sets of more of these blue steel scaffolding sets make this an attractive addition to the workshop of a Buriram Expat who builds a house in Buriram Province,Thailand. Rolling Wheels with safety locks are also available so you won't have scratched floors when the Buriram House Builders use these scaffolds to install ceiling or paint the ceilings. Ruangsangthai can delivery the scaffolding to your house building site in Buriram Province.

Buriram Ruangsanthai is the Highest Volume dealer and installer of quality Water Pump accessories including Liquid Level Controllers from many famous brands with warranties including: water pump switch 9013FR Square D Pumptrol Pressure sensor 9013FR and other Square D pressure sensors. 
Pressure sensor size adjustable to 45 psi (10...45 psi) Value of setting 10...5 psi Control electrically driven water pumps. Ruangsangthai also discounts and installs Square D Pressure sensor type Electro-mechanical pressure switches. When you visit the experts at Ruangsangthai they can give you written choices of quality products which are NOT expensive to help you maintain water pressure and a proper water supply at your Buriram Province Home or commercial building. 

Buriram Ruangsangthai Authorized Power Tool Repair | Water Pump Repair | Grass Cutter Repair | Lawn Mower Repair for brands including DeWALT | Bosch | Hitachi | Grundfos | Mitsubishi | Puma Air Compressors | Makita | Maktec | Stanley Tools, now have new work benches built in Buriram Thailand. The custom fabrication shop of Ruangsangthai is now constructing work benches and better shelves for the Service Department of Buriram Hardware Store located at the entrance on Highway 2074 directly across the street from the Buriram Provincial Electricity Authority four story office building. Warranty Repairs and repairs for tools, water pumps and lawn mowers no longer under warranty are available 7 days a week at Buriram Ruangsangthai.


Laurent Dupond said...

Instead of paying stupid crazy money for swimming pool repair staff to be late and drive from Bangkok, we use the Buriram Pump Shop to repair our Onga Swimming Pool Pump in Hau Fai. Tremendous savings of baht and faster service

Annonces Gratuites said...

Not just for water pumps and power tools, but this Buriram version of Bunning's Warehouse has a fine selection of reasonably priced garden tools, not junk garden tools from China.

Marian Smith said...

Try the brand of Makita Tools. They are good power drills.

Aaron Nobel said...

It is an informative post.

Dustin T said...

You wrote so well that it is such a useful information and the blog have delightful information like its need to repair tools. I've learned something new coming from you .