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Buriram Solar Power Panel | Franklin Electric Well Water Pumps

The Franklin Electric Water Pump Company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana has selected Mr. Pichai as the one Isaan, Thailand water pump dealer to attend advanced training in the United States in October 2016. He will observe the manufacturing of Franklin Schaefer well pumps | Franklin DC water pumps for solar power installations. On Saturday August 6, 2016 a container of 300 watt solar power panels arrived in Buriram at Ruangsangthai. These high specification solar power panels are on sale in retail and wholesale allocations for home owners | resort owners | farmers and government facilities in Buriram province and Surin Province. 

Shipping Container wholesale shipment of Solar panels in Buriram
Solar Power panels imported container delivery in Buriram

When you drive into the parking entrance of Ruangsangthai Home Improvement Store located on the Buriram Phutthaisong Highway 2074 you can see the working solar power panels operating several water pumps. As you walk into the front doors of Ruangsangthai you can speak English or Thai with Mr. Aud who has a customer service desk in front of Solar Panels and equipment sold by Ruangsnagthai to pump water with no connection to a generator nor the PEA electric. Ruangsangthai sells and installs more solar power panels in Buriram province than any other solar installation company. 

Ruangsangthai Buriram loading dock with Solar Panel Delivery
Full shipping container of Solar panels in Buriram
The receiving department of Ruangsangthai Home Builders merchants Store unloaded a full shipping container of imported solar panels on Saturday August 6th. You are welcome to see the panels on display which are available for customer pick up or free delivery to selected areas in Buriram and Surin province.  

Buriram Round Upright Column Concrete Shuttering
Buriram Round Concrete Form Shuttering
Seven days a week innovative home building products arrive or are dispatched form the rear loading docks of Ruangsangthai Home Builders Merchants Supply in Buriram Issan Thailand. You will not see round upright support column shuttering at the fine air conditioned Buriram Home Pro Home Improvement Store or Buriram Thai Watsadu Store. 

Buriram lawn mower dealer with Troy Bilt self propelled in stock
Troy Bilt Electric Start lawn Mower in Buriam Thailand

On Friday August 19, 2016 six new Troy Bilt Electric Start Self propelled lawn mowers that were manufactured in Tupelo, Mississippi arrived in Buriram Isaan Thailand exclusively at Ruangsangthai Hardware Store. You can compare the "Elvis" lawn mower side by side with the Honda HRJ216 self propelled lawn mower. Both are quality lawn mowers with Ruangsangthai as the official warranty repair station in Buriram Province. 

Steel deformed bar in stock in Buriram Thailand
Experienced staff who understand weights and size of Buriram Steel
Selecting the proper home building materials is easier at a builders merchants store with experienced staff and employees who can understand and speak English. Ruangsangthai has the third largest delivery fleet in Buriram province for home building materials. The delivery department of Ruangsangthai in Buriram has a department head who understands and speaks English and Thai. 

solar power panels at wholesale prices in Buriram
Wholesale quantity of 300 watt solar panels in Buriram
If you bring a written list of the solar power panels to help you eliminate the monthly PEA electric bill to Ruangsangthai you will see the wholesale discount prices on solar power panels with German quality stands listed on the labels and documents. These pallets of solar power panels were assembled in the PRC and not the EU.  Mr. Pichai is travelling to Fort Wayne Indiana in the USA to see new models of Franklin Electric solar equipment and water pumps in October 2016.

Bosch Professional High Pressure Washer in Buriram
Bosch GHP 8 -15 XD High Pressure Washer in Buriram
 Ruangsangthai Tool Depot located directly across Highway 2074 from the Buriram PEA Electric office is the only modern trade store in Buriram Province that currently has fresh stock of the Italian manufactured Bosch Professional GHP 8 - 15 XD High Pressure Washer. This commercial grade high pressure washer is not suited for normal residential usage. This is a commercial grade high pressure washer which uses a more robust electrical supply than the typical residential grade Karcher High Pressure Washer  | Zinsano Sprayer | Hitachi High Pressure Washer | Stanley Pressure Sprayer or less expensive Bosch pressure washer in stock at Ruangsangthai in Buriram isaan Thailand. 

Buriram Lively Home Building Estate DOS Water Tank
DOS 2000 Liter undergound water tanks at Lively Home Buriram Estate
Ruangsangthai is the lead home building materials vendor for the luxury and mid priced houses at the Lively Home Estate near Buriram Robinson Lifestyle Center. The 2000 liter DOS underground water tanks are one of several DOS brand home building materials supplied by Ruangsangthai for this planned housing community. Well worth your time to visit Lively Home in Buriram if you are in the market for a quality home. 

Sealtex Profast home building materials in Buriram
ProFast home building products in Buriram
The hardware store staff of Ruangsangthai in Buriram were recently taught features and uses of the SealTex and ProFast fastener and building materials company. When you visit Ruangsangthai you can see employees in a classroom gaining product knowledge so they can better serve Buriram House Builders and Buriram Home Owners. For home building projects both large or small see the motivated and experienced staff of Ruangsangthai in Buriram Issan Thailand. 

DOS water storage tank delivery in Buriram Thailand
Buriram DOS plastic water storage tank delivery
See the indoor warehouse of floor tile | wall tile | roof tile | water storage tanks of Ruangsangthai in Buriram Isaan Thailand. The inexpensive DOS blue plastic water tanks | mid priced sandstone water tanks manufactured in Thailand by Safe tank | GreenTree | Diamond tank | DOS Tank are near the Advanced Stainless Steel Water Tanks | Diamond Stainless Steel Water Storage tanks and DOS underground water tanks. No need to walk about in the blazing Buriram Sun when selecting water tanks | septic tanks | wall tile for your home in Buriram Province. 

Aluminum Sulphate Water Treatment in Buriram Thailand
Aluminium Sulphate Water Treatment Chemical in Buriram
Trucks are unloaded seven days a week of important water treatment chemicals at Ruangsangthai in Buriram. Aluminium Sulphate is popular with municipal and village water treatment plants in Buriram province. 

Swimming Pool Salt in Buriram Isaan
Ruangsangthai receives a delivery of TRS swimming pool salt in Buriram
Inside Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants located directly across Highway 2074 from the PEA Electric Office is a large selection of swimming pool filters | swimming pool pumps | pool accessories | swimming pool water treatment chemicals. You can find the lowest price in Burirma for Zelbrite and TRS Swimming Pool Salt. Major Buriram resorts | hotels | sports team purchase swimming pool supplies including TRS salt at Ruangsangthai in Buriram. 

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