Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Buriram Ride On Lawn Mower | Swiss Chef buys Teka Kitchen Equipment for new Steak restaurant | Toilet Auger

The made in Jackson, Michigan USA Troy Bilt Ride On Lawn Mowers with Briggs & Stratton 17.5hp engines have arrived in Buriram, Thailand at Ruangsangthai. Dial 044-666-4884 and press 108 for customer service in English.

Buriram Thailand Ride On Troy Bilt Briggs Stratton Lawn Mower
Buriram Thailand Ride On Troy Bilt Lawn Mower
Check and compare to the John Deere D-15 riding tractor the genuine Troy Bilt 500cc 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke petrol powered riding lawn mower. Ruangsangthai buys this model direct, has two in stock in January 2016, and can perform warranty service and after warranty period service on the made in the USA Briggs & Stratton engines. You can pay significantly more for this Troy Bilt riding grass mower at Home Pro, but they do not stock this 42 inch wide cutting blade model in Buriram Province. The Briggs & Stratton 500 cc 17.5 HP four stroke petrol engine powers the Troy Bilt Lawn Tractors now sold at a discount, fully assembled with options and serviced in Buriram, Thailand by Ruangsangthai Hardware Store located directly across from the Buriram Provincial Electricity Authority four story office building. This made in Jackson, Michigan USA Troy Bilt riding lawn mower has mulching capabilities and features 7-speed Shift-on-the-Go™ transmission requires no clutching or stopping to switch gears | 18-in turn radius lets you trim close to trees and other landscaping features in Buriram Isaan Province. Both John Deere lawn mowers and Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers are built by MTD in the USA.  

Buriram Ride On Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Grass Catcher
Buriram Lawn Mower Open Day Sales Event

In Buriram Thailand the optional grass catcher has been installed on this made in the USA Troy Bilt Ride On lawn Mower. You can see this an other quality lawn mowers in Buriram at the free two day Expo sponsored by MTD and Briggs & Stratton

Swiss Chef speaks German and buys Teka Kitchen Appliances in Buriram
Swiss Chef buys Teka Kitchen Appliances in Buriram 

The German Speaking, Swiss born chef and former Bangkok Steak restaurant chef is now serving quality Imported Beef and domestic beef at the Satuk Swiss Steak Restaurant. Chef Jurg has been a customer of Ruangsangthai since 2015 and has purchased Hitachi Garden Tools | Mitsubishi Water Pump | Safe brand Water Tank | Teka Kitchen Sinks | Teka Dishwasher | Teka gas HOB for his home and new restaurant in Satuk, Buriram Province. Ruangsangthai works with top kitchen equipment suppliers for homes, Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and commercial buildings.  Ruangsangthai is delighted to link to the web sites of the fine restaurants and hotels that we have the privilege to serve. 

Buriram Eve Lighting Black Light Clinton Power Tool
Buriram Eve Black Light Insect Trap

While US Citizens living in Buriram, Thailand have the option to vote free in the 2016 Presidential Election, The Clinton Brand of Power Tools is not connected to HRC.  Ruangsangthai also sells sanders with no relationship to Bernie. The Eve Lighting insect trap florescent black light can be used in a Buriram Night Club which might not be the same trap for expats as they have experienced in other parts of Thailand.  Mitsubishi super pumps are a proven centrifugal water pump installed by Ruangsangthai in Buriram Homes, hotels, hospitals, commercial farms and resorts. The yellow insect lights held by hand by the Ruangsangthai female price staff can provide valuable relief to mosquitoes in Buriram Province. 

Buriram Karcher Jet Stanley Tools Thailand
Buriram Thailand Karcher | Stanley | Jet Tools

In Buriram province the best selection of genuine Stanley Power Tools | Stanley hand Tools | Jet Wood Working Tools | Karcher Made in Europe Window Washer and Honda Inverter Generators are on display at Ruangsangthai located on Highway 2074. You will not see a Honda HRJ215K2 self propelled four stroke lawn mower at the Buriram HomePro | Buriram Global House | Buriram IQ House | Buriram Thaiwatsadu Home Improvement Stores. Mr. Pichai is the Honda Power products Dealer who sells to many other smaller stores in Buriram Province. Ruangsangthai has hundreds of genuine Honda Power products in stock in Buriram, Thailand for immediate delivery including Honda Water Pumps | Honda Generators | Honda Lawn Mowers | Honda Garden Tillers | Honda four stroke UMK435 Brush Cutters | Honda UMR435T backpack four stroke brush cutter.  

Buriram Sauna Heater Harvia Model
Buriram Spa Sauna Harvia heater

The Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants located on the Buriram Putthaisong Highway 2074 is known as the #1 Hitachi Water Pump | Mitsubishi Electric Motor dealer in all of Buriram and Surin province it has expanded to discount made in Finland Harvia Sauna Heaters and Harvia Sauna Stones. Buriram Spa and Buriram Massage establishments have purchased Harvia Sauna heaters and Controllers from Ruangsangthai in addition to private residence installations of a residential sauna in Buriram Province. Commercial hospitality and residential models are available of the Harvia single phase or Harvia three phase sauna heaters. 

Buriram Thailand Ridgid Plumbers Tools

Ruangsangthai in Buriram is the one store to offer Ridgid Plumbing Tools to Buriram House Builders and Buriram Home Owners. The Ridge Tool Company is known as Ridgid Tools and are made in the USA and available in Buriram, Thailand through Ruangsangthai. Plumbing snakes to clear blockage of toilets and sinks are on sale at Ruangsangthai from several brands including Ridgid Tools. Ruangsangthai also has on display and in stock the largest selection of name brand swimming pool equipment and swimming pool chemical supplies in Buriram province. Ruangsangthai can install and repair certain brands of Swimming Pool Filters and spa pumps in Buriram province.  Dial 044-666-484 and press 108 for service in English. The RIDGID two meter Toilet Auger is a high-quality tool designed to provide safe and easy cleaning of toilet obstructions in Thailand. The bulb-head auger features a compression-wrapped inner cable. Full lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship. The Ridgid Toilet Auger will negotiate water conserving toilets sold and installed in Buriram, Thailand.

Buriram Barbed Cattle Wire Rolls
Buriram Barbed Wire
For cattle ranchers | farmers | property owners in Buriram province who are shopping for cost effective barbed wire it is worthwhile to see the selection in stock and low prices at Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants. Mr. Pichai buys barbed wire by the truckload and sells it by the roll or pallet load to Buriram home owners, commercial landlords and farmers. These are made in Thailand barbed wire and not imported Chinese barbed wire.  The photo is on the Ruangsangthai truck loading dock on Highway 2074 across from the Buriram PEA Electric office building. 

Buriram PV Solar Panel Installation Technicians
Buriram PV Solar Panel Installation Technicians
The Buriram Solar Installation Team members are cleaning the working display at the front entrance to Ruangsangthai located on Highway 2074 directly across from the buy back office of the Buriram Provincial Electricity Authority. The PV systems that pump water at Ruangsangthai are similar to the several dozen solar installations designed and installed by employees of Ruangsangthai in Buriram province. The primary use of solar panels offered by Ruangsangthai is for use in pumping water for agricultural use in Buriram province. You will not confuse the systems installed by Ruangsangthai technicians as a Solar City designed PV system with a rebate from a utility company in the United State | Germany | Australia or New Zealand. The Solar PV team at Ruangsangthai work closely with Netafim on low water volume irrigation installations far from the Buriram PEA Electric Power Service Connections.  

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