Saturday, 18 July 2015

Buriram Rebar Steel in House Foundations | Columns

Ruangsangthai steel product line available for prompt delivery consists of round bars and deformed bars with diameter in sizes 6-25 mm and 10-40 mm, respectively. The round bars are produced in accordance with Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) No. 20-2543, grade quality: SR 24, and deformed bars are produced in accordance with Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) No. 24-2548, grade quality, SD 30, SD 40 and SD 50. Rebars are used by the construction sector and primarily for reinforcement of concrete in applications such as roads,  footing, buildings, Buriram Homes, and Buriram resorts. 

Ruangsangthai has expanded the Buriram Builders Merchants truck fleet to include semi tractor trailers which can deliver  longer loads of rebar and "I" Beam steel used to build a home or business in Buriram.The longer delivery trucks must only delivery on Solid ground and have entrance and exit access.  

Thursday afternoon Mr. Yuto Saito, Mr. Aiyawat Tanakidumrong, Miss Willawan Sararam, Mr. Pitsanu Chanaya and Mr. Chuchai Apisaksirikul joined Mr Pichai and his longest tenured repair employee in a photo in the repair department after they had conducted three Makita Tools Training seminars with repair department and tool sales department staff at Ruangsangthai. New model Makita Lithium Ion cordless drills are in the photo.

See new models of Milwaukee Power Tools inside Ruangsangthai Hardware located on Highway 2074 about 100 meters from the Buriram PEA or Provincial Electricity Office.
If you need spare parts for any Kanta or Jupiter Generator please contact Ruangsangthai. 

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