Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Buriram Swimming Pool Salt | Zeobrite Sand Filter Media

Buriram Swimming Pool Salt | Zeobrite, which is Zeolite is now on sale at Ruangsangthai in Buriram. The discount prices on genuine TRS Swimming Pool Salt at genuine Zeobrite at Ruangsangthai in Buriram are significantly less baht than charged by J D Pools, Swimming Pools Thailand, and any swimming pool shop in Korat | Surin or Buriram Province. 

Buriram Ruangsangthai bought a truck load of swimming pool salt from the TRS factory after the first two pallets of swimming pool salt sold out in three days last week. Buriram Hotel owners and private swimming pool owners appreciate the everyday low price and free delivery options offered by Ruangsangthai. Dial 044-666-484 to confirm swimming pool salt is in stock. If you buy other products and then make the swimming pool salt part of the larger order then free delivery can be arranged in some parts of Surin province and most parts of Buriram province. 

Ruangsangthai has long been the "Go to shop" for swimming pool chemicals in Buriram Province. In 2015 a contract was signed with Pool & Spa to enable Ruangsangthai to offer swimming pool accessories and swimming pool maintenance tools at a discount price in Buriram. Zeobrite is a famous brand of zeolite and is used in swimming pool filters and spa filters. It is sold at a discount at Ruangsangthai 7 days a week from 8:30am ot 5:30pm. Dial 044-666-484 and you can speak English or Thai with the helpful staff. 

The man in the red shirt is a long time employee of the tool department at Ruangsangthai. He is now an employee of the Hitachi Koki Tools company in Thailand and is stationed inside Ruangsangthai to help walk in customers with any brand of power tool. At Ruangsangthai you can test any Hitachi power tool or Hitachi high pressure washer in the service department test bench prior to paying for any power tools | water pumps | Garden Tools | Lawn mowers. 

In Buriram you can obtain discount prices | free delivery and actual authorized repair service from Ruiangsangthai located on Highway 2074 of quality Hitachi Power Tools and Hitachi water pumps.  

Most of the delivery fleet of Ruangsangthai House Builders Merchants was purchased 2nd hand. Ruangsangthai has a fleet of nine ready mix concrete trucks | twenty three delivery trucks and one repair service van in Buriram Province. 

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