Sunday, 16 November 2014

Buriram Lawn Mower Cutting Blade | Drill Press | Garden Mulcher Shredder

In Buriram Isaan Thailand you can obtain genuine Honda | Makita | Bosch | Briggs & Stratton | Talon Lawn Mower Cutting Blades at Ruangsangthai House Builder Merchants.

Several fine retailers in Buriram and Surin province can sell you a gasoline or electric lawn mower including Buriram Home Pro | Thaiwatsadu, Home Mart, Buriram I.Q. House, Surin Global House, Surin I.Q. Modern Trade or Do Home in Korat. However obtaining a lawn mower blade is very easy at Ruangsangthai in Buriram. Since Ruangsangthai sells more lawn mowers each month than any other Buriram Hardware Store, Mr. Pichai elected to carry a wide variety of lawn mower cutting blades for expats who need such an important item in Buriram or Surin province. Check out the prices and availability of genuine Honda Bosch Briggs & Stratton | Makita Sakari Rover and Talon Lawn mower blades inside Ruangsangthai Spare parts Department. 

In Buriram Thailand Ruangsangthai has in stock both new and previously owned garden mulchers| garden shredder | small job site electric concrete mixers | drill presses. The green garden mulcher is powered by a 3hp Mitsubishi electric motor and is priced well below a new garden mulcher.  Dial 044-666-484 and press 008 for assistance in English.  The Marton brand concrete mixer is often sold to Buriram Home owners for small concrete mixing projects.  

Ruangsangthai Hardware and Tools located on Highway 2074 in Buriram Isaan Thailand has many different drill presses in stock. Ruangsangthai also performs warranty and after warranty repairs on several brands of Drill Presses. 

During the 2014 Rice harvest Season in Buriram Province Thailand the operators of the Rice Cutting Machines often do repairs in the fields far from electricity. The Puma air compressor which has a Honda 4 stoke engine is for such clients in Buriram Province. Buriram Ruangsangrthai installed a genuine Honda gasoline engine on a Puma Air Compressor for a client who had no access to electricity when repairing his rice combine harvest machines on the Buriram Rice fields.  Ruangsangthai stocks every size of Puma air compressors in Buriram, sells more Puma air compressors than any other air compressor dealer in Buriram Province. 

Mature Lock is a Bangkok Thailand based Hardware fitting company that has two displays inside Ruangsangthai house builders Merchants store in Buriram. The quality stainless 304 Door Locks | Hinges | Lever handle Sets | Door Handles | Window Hardware is priced below German Brands which make hinges to a fine standard in China. You can see and handle the Mature door lock sets |Door hinges | Door Handle Sets on the new end cap display in Ruangsangthai Hardware in Buriram Isaan Thailand. Compare the quality of Hafele door handle sets | Hafele hinges and Hafele door locks to Mature Lock and you will see a genuine obvious difference. 

In addition to being a high volume dealer for Grundfos Water Pumps, both constant pressure, deep well and shallow well water pumps, Ruangsangthai is the Grundfos repair service center for Buriram Province.  Both at your home repairs and at the Ruangsangthai Buriram Pump Shop repair department you can have most Grundfos water pumps repaired to the specification you have come to expect from the high quality brand Grundfos. The woman in red is the Buriram water pump repair department manager and she speaks English and Thai to assist customers in Buriram province. 

Ruangsangthai Tool Depot on Highway 2074 stocks hundreds of Makita power tools and garden tools. It only takes about 5 days to special order any Makita Power Tools or garden tools that are not currently in stock at Ruangsangthai.  The Makita job site folding table wood saw was repaired for a Buriram Home Building contractor.

In Buriram Thailand a Netafim Drip Irrigation crop watering system is set up with a bypass PVC pipe from a 3hp Calpeda agricultural 3hp water pump. The three hp Calpeda water pump is operating every sunny day in front of Ruangsangthai Hardware on Highway 7078 in Buriram Thailand. The Kyocera solar panels are available brand new or previously owned from Buriram Ruangsangthai. The Netafim low water usage drip irrigation system is also on display in Buriram. You can install the solar panels yourself or for an additional fee have the installation team for water pumps come and install your water solar panels in Buriram province. 

Ruangsangthai is proud to be the exclusive solar power panel installer in Buriram Thailand who stock genuine Kyocera Solar Cells.  Kyocera have been the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative solar power solutions for over 35 years. See solar panels power a 3hp water pump at Ruangsangthai in Buriram, Thailand. 

In the photo above you can see Netafim drip irrigation  with a low cost solar panel installation in Buriram. The Ruangsangthai staff person trained by Netafim South East Asia will gladly design a comprehensive drip irrigation water system for Buriram and Surin Province farmers and residential, hotel or commercial garden owners.

In this November 2014 photo two of the Buriram Ruangsangthai swimming pool repair and installation staff double as swimming pool chlorine delivery men on a normal Buriram Province village house swimming pool service visit. Most every swimming pool chemical used in Thailand is available, often in stock, and always sold at a discount by Buriram Ruangsangthai. Delivery of swimming pool chemicals in Buriram Province including shock chlorinechlorine tabletsPH plusPh minusSodium BicarbonateSodium BisulfateCalcium ChlorideSodium BromideSodium Hypochlorite is often the very next day via the Ruangsangthai delivery trucks or service teams. You can order swimming pool supplies in advance or see the large stock of swimming pool chemicals at Ruangsangthai in Buriram Thailand.

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