Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Buriram House Builders | Buriram Boonsiri Home Housing Estate Construction Materials

In Buriram, Thailand if you wish to avoid the pitfalls and headache of building your own home it would be worth your time to visit the house building site on Highway 226 of the Boonsiri Grand Home Housing estate.  The construction materials are of a top grade and genuine value. This Buriram house building firm does not have the high overhead and excessive margins of a Bangkok House Builder Construction firm.  083-0003308 or 083-0003309 or 083-0777800 are telephone numbers for this quality Home Building Project.  The sales office is open 7 days a week on Highway 226. 

In Buriram, Thailand a prominent locally owned very reputable housing estate and shop house builder | developer is known as Boonsiri Home.  This well established family has a sterling reputation with house building materials suppliers in Buriram Province. To be a home building materials supplier to a Boonsiri Shop House or Boonsiri Home Development you must demonstrate low prices and dependable delivery of the right specifications.

This photo was taken from the 2nd floor of one of the well designed and properly constructed Boon Siri single family detached houses on the Grand Home Housing Estate located on Highway 226 across from the Buriram Global House which is under construction. Modern construction equipment, a skilled workforce and high quality house building materials make this a housing estate worthy of your consideration. All of the steel visible in this photo was bought and delivered by Buriram Ruangsangthai Hardware.  

The Buriram Family who own and operate Boonsiri house building developers have earned a sterling reputation as a quality house builder in Buriram Province.   This family has several different locations of ready built homes, or homes under construction, in and near Buriram. Note the extensive use of Q-Con autoclaved aerated concrete lightweight energy saving wall blocks in both the houses and shop house under construction at the Highway 226 Grand Home Development. 

The rear yard or backyard of these single family detached two story houses at Grand Home being built in Buriram by Boonsiri Housing Estate Developers are compact. You will not spend much time mowing the lawn. It will be very quiet in the evening for these houses have no residential neighbors living behind the rear property cement block wall. 

This is a photo of the rear side of the new Boon Siri Grand Home Shop Houses. You can visit the Boon Siri Home shop Houses on Highway 226 across the street from the location of the Buriram Global House to see the house building materials actually used in the quality construction of the Boon Siri Grand Home. Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants is proud to be a selected building materials supplier to this quality Buriram Province Housing construction project. 

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